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Enchantimals Clean Up



Felicity Fox: Felicity is quick, smart and very curious. She is never quiet, because she is always looking for new adventures that will take her to unknown places.

Patter Peacock: Patter is more than proud of her ostentatious plumage and likes to encourage her friends to also feel proud of themselves. She is very talkative, but when she gets nervous, instead of talking, she sings..

Bree Bunny: Of all the Enchantimals, Bree is the best at making crafts. It is what is usually called a "handyman". She is always involved in some project that has her totally occupied.

Danessa Deer: Danessa is shy and calm. Live according to the slogan: "facts, not words." Danessa always supports others, she is a great caregiver. He always seems to be in the right place, at the right time and with the positive attitude and full support to those who need it.