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Jake the Pirate Hook



Jake: Jake is the protagonist of the series and leader of the Never Land Pirates. He is Captain Hook's main pirate rival. One of his catchphrases is "Yo ho, let's go!", and he is shown using a telescope and steering the ship in the opening.

He wears a red bandanna and later covers it with a blue captain's hat. He consistently wears brown boots and white shirts. He wears blue pants and later black pants.

He had a wooden sword called the Forever Sword (cut from the Forever Tree, which was given to him by Peter Pan. He has also briefly used a transformable Mega-Mecha Sword and golden Destiny Sword.

As a captain he later uses a metal one called the Mighty Captain's Sword. It is able to cut through metal padlocks, heat up to cut through ice bars, shoot heat beams, and deflect cold or energy blasts. Both cutlasses have a crossguard on the hilt, but his newer metal sword has a larger pommel and no knuckle-bow on the side. Jake also acquires an invisibility ring, and has used Izzy's pixie dust to fly.