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Gabo Moreti: Is the main character in O11ce. Gabo was born in Álamo Seco, a remote village. He receives an opportunity of a lifetime when he is given a scholarship to the Instituto Académico Deportivo de Buenos Aires to play on their renowned soccer team. Here he becomes a member of the Halcones Dorados, a great chance to improve his skills, so that one day he can become a professional soccer player.

He is 16 years old, sensitive and kind-hearted. Honest and generous, he likes to work in team, but sometimes he demands too much to be able to perform to maximum. Gabo is passionate about football and can't play the game without absolute fair play, which applies both on and off the court. He owns an innate magnetism and charisma that always makes him the center of the scene. His childhood was spent with his grandmother and friends in the picturesque village of Álamo Seco, until one day, thanks to his passion and skill, he received the proposal of a scholarship to play in the Golden Hawks, the youth soccer team of the prestigious Sports Academic Institute (IAD).