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Bubbleisha: Is one of the original Shoppies released in 2015. She is the bubblegum themed Shoppie.

With a sweet 'n' sour personality this girl can really burst your bubble. Her attitude can sometimes get her into sticky situations but her Shopkins friends Gumball Gabby and Bubba Gum know that she can be as sweet as candy when she wants to.

Appearance Bubbleisha has a fair complexion and pale pink eyes which match her hair. Her hair is worn in curled twin-tails, each held with three clear elastic bands. Her forelocks frame her face and go down to her eyes. Her fuschia headband is adorned with several purple, pink, and yellow gumballs, and a small gumball machine attached to a yellow bow. She wears a pink top with yellow dot print and a purple collar. Her artwork shows pink sleeves, although the doll does not. At the bottom of her top, she has purple, pink, and yellow gumballs. She also is wearing a pink skirt with white, purple, and pale yellow speckles. She wears purple shoes with several yellow gumballs circling it and making up the heel. On each shoe is a magenta bow with a yellow gumball decoration.